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Using Google reader

Well you never know what you will find...I have done a subscription to various sites and one of them is looked interesting. Well here is one of the things shared recently, check it out.


lots of technology

WOW! This book study is very interesting and addicting. I have spent the past few days on the computer signing up to different sites, adding things to my blog, placing things in google reader and doing RSS feeds to follow things. While visiting every site that is recommended to visit and you all know how that goes you go to one thing and see something there and get side tracked and go somewhere else and before you know it an hour or two has passed. I am glad I am doing this over the summer, I would never have time to complete this and get all into it during the school year. It would be so great for the kids if all teachers were required to take this over the summer and show for part of their PDAS that they used it in the classroom with the students. The students would go crazy and I bet they would have the best retention rate and learn the most on that particular topic in the teachers classroom.



please just ignore this, it is for technorati claiming my blog

all in one day

OK so believe it or not, this all happened in one day.
1. my 4 year old was at a swimming party and the kids were playing in and out of the pool, they had even hired a lifeguard, well my husband goes to get a drink for him and my daughter and she decides to jump in the deep end of the pool and take a swim by herself, she can not swim, good thing they hired the lifeguard and she knew to dogie paddle, sort of. She was not even really under at all more than any kid is when they just jump in and after she was pulled out by the lifeguard she just went about her business as if nothing happened. Sure was a scary story for me when I heard it later that day.
2. My mom flies in town and gets held at the airport, moved away from windows, told to stay there and all traffic in and out is stopped because of a bomb threat.
3. my husband is driving my car, of course not his at this time, and some lady decides to change lanes at the last minute and clips the front end of my car totally messing up the fender and bumper
4. my husband is weed eating later in the day and he thinks ouch, wow, a rock just popped up and hit my leg, well he looks down and it is a nail sticking out of his leg, not a rock, he is ok.

After all this we decided to stay in the house and lock the doors for the rest of the evening.


I think the most frustrating thing is I am usually good with technology...going to cook dinner, more time later to figure this all out after munchkins are sound asleep.

1st blog

This whole blog thing has been much more complicated than I had expected it to be...maybe it is because I continuously am interrupted by my little ones and can not concentrate on what I am trying to do for more than a few minutes at a time. I thought it would be much easier than this...well it is easy, but I guess I just want it all set up NOW with all the cool features I am reading about in this book, but that is why I am doing this study is to learn how to do all that.

Although, being on vacation, having people in your family injured, surely has not made it easy for me to keep up, now if everyone in my life would chill for a bit I can get this going, figure it all out and continue to keep it going since I am assuming it will get easier as I go.

Can you'll tell my level of frustration...haha see I am still laughing, so that is good!